“In any business, you must have an appetite for change.”

We’ve been part of many start-ups and small businesses in our time – either as counsel or as employees. And, if there’s one thing we know for sure, small business equals change. You launch a new service. A new product. You win big. You scale back. You enter a new market. You take on a partner. You open a new location. You lose a key employee. A major competitor reinvents itself.

The natural expansions and contractions of everyday business can snap a young brand if it is too narrowly defined. That’s why we believe small businesses are best served by elastic brands. Because change is inevitable.

An elastic brand is designed to absorb everyday challenges, to stretch or shrink as your business evolves. And, because of its extra give, an elastic brand lasts longer, stretching your marketing dollars, too.

Move your business ahead with a brand built for change.
Spring forward.