We launched Springboard Creative in 2006 to help small and new businesses with their brand communications.

But our story really begins in the 1970s in the front yard of a suburban Nebraska home. There, under a huge sycamore tree, Kevin and his brothers are playing airplane.

You remember airplane. One sibling, normally the oldest, lies on his back, feet in the air. He’s the launch pad. You’re the passenger. You lean against his feet. Goggles? Check. Arms in outstretched wing position? Check.

Once all systems are go, he summons his strength and catapults you into the air. It’s a short-lived flight. One or two seconds, max. But the feeling is unforgettable.

Welcome to the grown-up version of airplane. This time, though, we’re launching businesses, not brothers. But our objective is still the same: To get you airborne and keep you there.

So often, small business owners are too close to their businesses to clearly and accurately identify their jumping-off points. They need outside perspective and talent to launch them in the right direction.

That’s why we created Springboard Creative – to give you access to Kansas City’s best brand communicators – talent you would normally pay big-agency bucks for. Our communication strategists, graphic designers, copywriters and interactive experts all have at least 15 years of experience in producing and promoting some of the region’s most-recognized brands. We click. And, we’ll click with you.

There’s one more thing you should know about us. We are in communications for reasons far more meaningful than billable hours. We’re in it because we love it. That whole making a living thing’s just gravy.

When your small business is ready to launch a brand, lean on us. We’ll summon all our strength to make it happen.

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